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3 in 1 Universal USB Charger Mains & Car Charger

  • Price : £13.99
  • Model Number : 3-in-1-USB+MC
  • Manufacturer : World Of Accessories
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3 in 1 Universal USB Charger Mains & Car Charger 3 in 1 Universal USB Charger Mains & Car Charger 3 in 1 Universal USB Charger Mains & Car Charger 3 in 1 Universal USB Charger Mains & Car Charger

3 in 1 Universal USB Charger.

This charger includes :-

  • 3 in 1  USB charger 
  • USB car charger
  • USB Mains charger

And Features :-

Solid Construction

  • LED Light to confirm charging
  • Mini streamlined bullet design
  • Instant Click Fit into Lighter
  • Input Car 12v / 24v
  • Variable Output 0.5mAh to 1mAh High Power (Not suitable for Tablets)
  • Automaticaly Adjusts to your items requirements
  • Fast Charge

This 3 in 1 Universal charger covers almost all of latest Phones iPhones & iPods  on the market and it's easy to use too. Simply plug into the Mains, Car, computer or Laptop and in seconds it is charging your items battery.

3 x leads Compatible with :-

Lead 1 :- Lightning Lead

iPhone 5 iPod touch 5th generation iPod nano 7th generation iPad 4th generation iPad MiniPad mini

Lead 2 :- Apple 30 pin Lead

Phones :- iPhone iPhone 2 iPhone 2G iPhone 3 iPhone 3G iPhone 3GS iPhone 4 iPhone 4S iPod 4G iPod Classic iPod Color iPod Mini iPod Nano 2G iPod Nano 3G iPod Nano 4G iPod Nano 5G iPod Nano 6G iPod Shuffle 2G iPod Touch iPod Touch 2G iPod Touch 3G iPod Touch 4G iPod Video.

Lead 3 :- Micro USB

LG Phones :-

A133 A250 Hornet BL20 Chocolate BL40 Chocolate C300 Town GD510 Pop GD880 Mini GD900 Crystal GM360 GM750 GS101 GS290 Cookie Fresh GS500 Cookie Plus GS920 Cookie Fresh GT350 Town GT450 GT505 GT540 Optimus GW520 GW620 In Touch Max InTouch Max KF757 Secret KM570 Optimus 7 Optimus One ( 1 ) Optimus 3D P500

Blackberry Phones:-

BlackBerry Bold 9700 BlackBerry Bold 9780 Bold 9781 BlackBerry Bold 9790 Blackberry Bold 9900 BlackBerry Curve 8520 BlackBerry Curve 8900 BlackBerry Curve 8990 Blackberry Curve 9300 Blackberry Curve 9320 Blackberry Curve 9350 Blackberry Curve 9360 Blackberry Curve 9370 BlackBerry Curve 9380 BlackBerry P'9981 BlackBerry Pearl 8220 BlackBerry Pearl 9105 BlackBerry Storm 9500 BlackBerry Storm 9520 BlackBerry Storm 9530 BlackBerry Storm 9550 Blackberry Torch 9800 Blackberry Torch 9810 Blackberry Torch 9850 Blackberry Torch 9860 Blackberry Z10 B2710 BlackBerry 6210 BlackBerry 6210 BlackBerry 6220 BlackBerry 6230 BlackBerry 6280 BlackBerry 6510 BlackBerry 7100g BlackBerry 7100i BlackBerry 7100r BlackBerry 7100t BlackBerry 7100v BlackBerry 7100x BlackBerry 7105t BlackBerry 7130c BlackBerry 7130e BlackBerry 7130g BlackBerry 7130v BlackBerry 7210 BlackBerry 7230 BlackBerry 7250 BlackBerry 7270 BlackBerry 7280 BlackBerry 7290 blackBerry 7510

Samsung Phones :-

Solid Immerse B2710 X-treme B3210 Corby TXT B3310 B3310 Compact Socializer B5310 Corby PRO B5722 B6520 Omnia Pro 5 Omnia Eaton B6610 B7300 Omnia Lite B7330 Omnia Pro B7350 Omnia Pro 4 B7510 Galaxy Pro B7610 Omnia Pro (louvre) B7620 Gior io Armani B7722 DUOS Beam I8520 Beat Beat DISC Blade Blue Earth C3200 Monte Bar C3222 Ch@t 322 C3300 Champ C3300 Libre C3500 Ch@t 350 C3522 C3530 C3630 C3750 C5110 C5510 C6112 Chat 222 Chat 322 Chat 335 Chat B3410W Diva Diamond 2530 E2652 Champ Duos E3210 E1050 E2100 E2330 E2370 Flutter G810 Galaxy Galaxy 3 I5800 Galaxy 550 Galaxy 551 Galaxy Ace S5830 Galaxy Apollo i5801 Galaxy Europa I5500 Galaxy Fit S5670 Galaxy Gio S5660 Galaxy Lite Galaxy Mini S5570 Galaxy Portal Galaxy Pro Galaxy R Galaxy S I9000 Galaxy S Plus I9001 Galaxy S2 Galaxy Teos Galaxy Xcover Genio PRO Genio Qwerty Genio Slide Glamour S5150 Glamour S7070 GT-2120 GT-15700 GT-B2710 GT-B3210 Genio Qwerty GT-B3310 GT-B5310 Genio Slide GT-B7300 Omnia Lite GT-B7320 Omnia Pro GT-B7330 Omnia Pro GT-B7610 Omnia Pro GT-B7620 Giorgio Armani GT-C3053 GT-C3200 GT-C3300 GT-C3300k GT-E1170 gT-i5500 GT-i5700 Galaxy Portal GT-i7500 Galaxy gT-17500 GT-i8000 Omnia2 -GT-i8510 GT-i8910 Omnia HD GT-I9000 Galaxy S GT-M5650 Lindy GT-M6710 Beat Disc GT-M7500 Emporio Armani GT-M7600 Beat DJ GT M8910 Pixon12 GT-S3370 GT-S3550 GT-S5320 GT-S5350 Shark GT-S5560 GT-S5570 GT-S5600 Blade GT-S5620 Monte GT-S7070 Diva GT-S7220 ELTZ GT-S7220 Lucido GT-S7350 Classico GT-S7500 GT-S8000 Jet Ultra Edition GT-S8300 Tocco Ultra Edition GT-S8500 Wave H1 i5500 Corby i5500 Galaxy 5 i5700 Galaxy Portal i7500 Galaxy i8000 Omnia II i8320 H1 i8330 i8510 INNOV8 I8520 Galaxy Beam I8520 Halo i8700 Omnia 7 i8910 Omnia HD i9000 Galaxy S I9003 Galaxy SL I9010 Galaxy S Giorgio Armani I9020 Nexus I9023 Nexus i9100 copyright2013woaltd Galaxy S2 I9103 Galaxy Z I9250 Galaxy Nexus Prime Jet S8000 -Jet Ultra Edition Knox Lindy M5650 Lucido M2310 M2510 Music Slider M2520 Beat Techno M3310 Music Dual M5650 M6710 Beat Disc M7500 Emporio Armani Night Effect M7600 Beat DJ M8910 Pixon 12 Miss Player Monte Bar C3200 Monte S5620 Naos Omnia 7 Omnia HD Omnia HD i8910 Omnia II I8000 Omnia Lite Omnia PRO 4 B7350 Omnia Pro B7330 Omnia Pro B7610 Pixon12 Player 5 player Mini Player Star Player Star 2 Portal Preston S2560 Star 2 S3350 Ch@t 335 3370 Corby 3G S3550 Shark 3 S3850 Corby 2 S5150 Diva Folder/Glamour S5250 Wave 525 S5260 Sta1r 2 S5310 Corby Pro S5330 Wave 533 S5350 Shark S5360 Galaxy Y S5500 ECO S5503 S5510 NORi S5530 S5560 Marvel S5570 Galaxy Mini S5600 Preston S5620 Monte S5660 Galaxy GioS5670 Galaxy FitS5690 Galaxy X Cover S5750 Wave 575 S5780 Wave 578 S5830 Galaxy Ace S5830 Galaxy Ace Hugo Boss S6700 S7500 Galaxy Ace Plus S7220 S7070 Diva Glamour S7200 Ultra B S7220 Ultra Classic S7230 Wave 723 S7350 Ultra Slide S7510 Galaxy Pro S7550 Blue Earth S8000 Jet S8300 Ultra Touch S8500 Wave S8530 Wave II (2) Shark 2 S5550 Shark 3 S3550 Shark S5350 Teos Tocco Icon Tocco Ultra Edition Vodafone 360 Wave 2 Pro S5330 Wave 2 S5250 Wave 525 Wave 533 Wave 575 Wave 723 Wave II S8530 Wave S8500 Arrive Adidas


Cha Cha (ChaCha) Desire Desire HD Desire S Desire Z EVO 3D Explorer Gratia Hero HD HD mini HD2 HD7 HD7S Ignite Incredible S Legend Magic Merge Mozart prime Pyramid Radar Rhyme Revolver Sensation Sensation XE Sensation XL Salsa Tatoo Titan Thunder bolt Trophy copyright2013woaltd Wildfire Wildfire S

Motorola :-

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Sony & Sony Ericsson

Aspen Vivaz Vivaz pro WT13i WT19i W100 W100i spiro Xperia Xperia Play X8 X10 X10 mini Xperia X10 mini pro Xperia X2

Kindles & E-Readers

Inc nook archis kobo Kindle Kindle 1 Kindle 2 Kindle 3 Kindle 3G Kindle 4 Kindle 4G Kindle DX Kindle Fire Kindle Fire HD Kindle International Kindle Paperwhite Kindle Touch Kindle US kindle Wireless Kindle Wireless Global 3G. NOTE Amazon Archos 70B/C Kobo Kobo Arc Kobo Glo Kobo Mini Kobo Touch Kobo WiFi Nook Nook HD Nook HD Plus + Nook Simple Touch Nook Glow Light PocketBook Pro 902 PocketBook Pro 903 Sony eReader PRS T1 Touch Sony eReader PRS 350 Sony eReader PRS 600 Sony eReader PRS 650 Atrix Aura

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